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Salao / FITEC 2021

A particular vision of the classic Carmen by Bizet through two hilarious characters, told through several stories intertwined without rest that will not let you blink. A comedy about the stereotypes of Spanish culture.

Company: Umami (Spain / France)


Alpiste para cabezas tristes / FITEC 2021 – XIV Gatadans

Those words and set phrases that we say on a run, almost without thinking, accompany us since our childhood, creating sad and unknown beings for themselves.

Company: Malditas Lagartijas / Beatriz del Monte (Spain – Madrid)



La fuerza interior es el poder del cuerpo / FITEC 2021 – XIV Gatadans

Inner strength is what will allow you to go through this life with the joy and enthusiasm that comes from having found meaning in your existence.

Company: Marckenley Talien (Haití)


Lo que yo canto / FITEC 2021

It happens in the strip where it is neither night nor day, before sunrise and after sunset. The red rooster sings during the day, the black rooster sings at night. In the gray hour they meet to claim their song.

Company: Adrián Manzano & Diana Wondy (Spain – Cadiz/Alicante)

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Flash-mob / FITEC 2019

Participate!… We invite all those who want to participate in the flash-mob organized by the Municipal Dance School Isaac Albéniz de Parla, to learn the choreography you just have to get into the Facebook profile of the Isaac Dance School Albéniz or directly on this YouTube link. Come and dance with us

Entity: Escuela Mpal. Danza Isaac Albeniz (Spain – Madrid)

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Volat / FITEC 2019

In VOLAT a dancer transports us, from the most artificial and unconscious side to the simplest and most tender to find happiness with the memory of childhood innocence, between dance and poetry, between the animal and the human, between what imprisons us and what is merely necessary. A cry to freedom, an invitation to reflection and a boost to the search for the essentials from the artistic universe of the multifaceted Pepa Cases.

Company: Pepa Cases (Spain – Castellón)



Lo Invisible / FITEC 2019

Lo Invisible is a dance piece that explores the vital sensations of some determining moments in a person’s life.

Company: No Bautizados (Spain – Madrid)

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Pangea / FITEC 2019

It’s the end of the world, seven surviving tribes need a link to understand each other in the face of their diversity, that link is a common language: “The Dance”. Dance is a language because through it, the human being expresses and speaks with the body. “In turn, the body is precisely the instrument that allows us to express feelings, emotions, meanings, even ancestral burdens if we go on a more internal search”.

Company: Pangea (Spain – Madrid)

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Improvisaciones Cimentadas / FITEC 2019

Improvisations of Samuel Martí. Show based on improvisations based on three disciplines mainly: hip hop, popping and animation. Where they include dance, comedy and representation… They are never choreographed, they are created ninety percent by him, including the assembly of music. They are never equal and that surprise factor has earned him the applause of criticism and public in equal parts.

Company: Samuel Martí (Spain – Madrid)

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Yeonmi Park / FITEC 2019

This piece shows the emotions of sadness, anxiety and oppression that this woman suffered when she escaped from North Korea in the 90s, crossing the Gobi desert and hiding in rural China. Based on real facts.

Company: Zuk Dance Company (Spain – Madrid)