The Fair: El Portal

Our Festival is based on three main areas of action:

The Festival: As a meeting place for artists and spectators, where the artist’s message with the society around him is straightforward, where streets, squares, the city becomes a big stage, filling their spaces Art and culture.

The Party: Making the streets and squares become a fun and festive party, where smiles of spectators intermingle with the bustle of pedestrians outside and caught the change, which the city hosts a few days, transforming during those days the usual inert spaces surprising and lively spaces.

The FAIR: As a meeting and business professionals in the arts.

Under the heading of “El Portal” we name space designed to hold the key leg on which edition after edition slips Festival: The of the FAIR.

El Portal is the space for the exchange of experiences among professionals, where demand for performances and the artistic product are a framework where professionals can meet programmers and companies and artists work and these in turn offer their new works, projects, etc…

Likewise, in El Portal we promote economic development and artistic impulse of all professionals involved in FITEC and those who register officially, through the work of Exhibition offered (Release products, economic benefits from the Festival discounted fair…).

The work of El Portal during the last years, has been developed in two different areas:

Virtual El Portal:

A virtual workspace where companies and artists send us their economic Fair offers in relation to the shows scheduled within the FITEC. Stop it is necessary to register on the festival website through the E-Mail:


Physical El Portal:

A convenient, comfortable place, where every day where the Festival takes place, we propose that participating companies presented to media professionals, new projects and shows, where they have an opportunity to offer a wide range of professionals.

El Portal is equipped with a small cafe bar, exchange boxes of documents, wifi access, small stage and exhibition stands… and relevant needs for professionals and artists feel comfortable when exchanging their products.

El Portal has traditionally been located in Old Municipal Cultural Center of Madrid street: a central and emblematic of the culture of the city of Getafe place, but the demolition of the building by the municipality of Getafe, compels us to seek alternatives to same, always looking for the central and cultural reference, seals essential for the Festival.