Artisan Market Art-FITEC

Traditionally, a space dedicated FITEC artisans creators of itinerant life, are small companies, freelancers, artists… and it is in places like the Festival, where they generate their economy. We marvel increasingly showing us their work and their mastery of raw materials, which it is impossible for us to think. Through all kinds of fabrics like leather, twill fabrics, wool… or materials as diverse as glass, wood, metal, paper, foam, stones…

They are creators of toys, shoes, costume jewelry and silverware, through the magic of imaginary planets, even the smallest book in the world, wood or fragrant flowers, a myriad of other exclusive goods… thus facilitate these creators as artisans to offer their products to the public.

The Art-FITEC brings with its curious stops, a colorful special to this great party that is FITEC, creating transforming the streets and filled a particular stage of life to this event.

The coming craftsmen from all corners of Spain, have always had a special place in the FITEC, and give them each issue our sincere appreciation for the effort that we make, and we are all aware, to bring neighbors Getafe, a wide and varied range of high quality products.

During the various editions of the Festival, the Artisan Market Art-FITEC we have devoted to various historical periods, making us true specialists in the creation and development of markets and historic recreations, which over time have taken him all over the length and breadth of the country . So the Art-FITEC has gone through the Middle Ages recalling the figure of the Cid, or the period of the War of Spanish Independence as a tribute to Francisco de Goya, or through the Renaissance and Baroque periods, or even imagining a possible future with to Epocalipsis – Earth Station Market. All this has strengthened our brand in the realization of historical events and theme  Destellos of History as Destellos Theatre Company brand just as is the FITEC.

We approach the figure of 200 stands stalls with their small demonstration workshops that will brighten and permanent color during the three days of FITEC and we will show this wide range of products, only in these exceptional cases we acquire or enjoy watching.