The Festival translates into a melting pot of shows that try framing in public spaces, in order to facilitate their search to the audience, as well as professional programmers, who gather in the streets and spaces for several days the FITEC offers edition after edition

Thus we divide our Fair-Festival in the following artistic disciplines:

Portada Danza Portada Música Portada Circo Portada Títeres

The artistic program of the different artistic disciplines programmed in the Festival, are divided into two sections of programming… The section of the Official Program and the Program Off section.

The Official Program is designed from the Festival program office, according to the principles of promotion, variety, intervention in the urban environment and originality. The shows framed in this section are funded by the Festival: in exchange for promoting the FITEC shows, the Festival is responsible for travel, accommodation, subsistence allowance, Payroll and consumables. The company must commit to make a 10% discount on the official cachet developers registered in the Festival and who so request. Official Program companies have direct access to El Portal (Professional only).

The Off Program or Off-FITEC Programme, as we have been terming, are the proposals that reach the office Festival program and can not be admitted to the Official Program (for economic availability, times or other scheduling criteria), but still , are interested in participating in the Festival. These proposals to be framed within the Off Section, will have the endorsement by the Festival of the show, access to the area of El Portal (professional only), and the possibility to “pass the hat” in the space At Cap where audiences often Getafe reward quality of the shows.