FITEC Philosophy: Criteria

PROJECTION OF FESTIVAL / Philosophy and Criteria

Take ART to the STREET. It is one of the ways that the artist today, to convey his works, it’s still a difficult road to travel, especially on the issue of discussing their work. The few channels that exist are closed, then this approach is the only resource we have. Today they are growing artistic proposals that invade urban spaces in every city in the world, recovering this as natural meeting place for people, who increasingly relate to these events in a natural way. We defend the Street Art as a natural space for artistic expression as a means in which it is seen in all its glory, without artifice, otherwise we would be like the sad look of the lion behind bars at the zoo.

Strengthen the Image of the concept of Fair. It is always one of our key work, which is necessary to properly combine the promotion and dissemination of cultural event, montage and artistic projects companies Madrid, before the rest of the Autonomous Communities, and of Europe, thereby causing a cultural and economic exchange in the entertainment industry.

3 coexistence ideas Fair / Festival / Party. Madrid becomes host community and receiving in their relationship with cultural agents as the FITEC Shows Fair attracts. In turn also necessary that in a high percentage, companies and artists arriving from other Spanish Autonomous Communities show their new proposals. On days where the Festival takes place, we work to enable meeting spaces between cultural operators and artists, always trying to make the mosaic trends and ideas is sufficiently large so that the programming has a high interest for the Cultural Programmers arrived at the Fair, both public and private sectors, and their respective organizations and/or companies can hire the entertainment promotion by the companies and artists participating in the Festival. At the same time advantage for the audience to enjoy the Arts Party in Urban Landscapes.

The International Character of FITEC. It is essential to work this character, encouraging the exchange of ideas, projects, artists, and especially culture; Creating a new meeting and show live the work produced artists and companies in the cultural realities of other countries and enrich the meeting, projecting beyond our geographical boundaries. Therefore FITEC is a member of the international network CQD, which also continues to grow each year, with more than 40 festivals that today are part of the network to be promoted among its members the exchange of ideas between their respective schedules.

CQD Network

Nonconformists, critics and rebels So are ARTISTS and so we believe by nature, society in which we live, because the artists are reflected, like a mirror it were, all the expressions that the rest of the society would like to convey, but can not find the right tools to tell. This sometimes leads to being misunderstood, even marginalized. Because of this pressure some artists disappear into the shadow of the ordinary, subjugate others, others lose the best of your creativity… We are all great ADVENTURERS often we anticipate our time, because so dictates our creative spirit . Despite this we are aware that all our creations are addressed to the public and the criticism of it subjects us to the risk of FAILURE or SUCCESS.

Message Transmitters, Criticism Our philosophy since the birth of FITEC, is to keep that ART should be plagued with MESSAGES, CRITICAL and also entertainment… our Festival CAN NOT BE less, so this is one of the points that we care… do not believe in anything goes, or the words to say, and is not to be done, but on what to do. The FITEC commitment to an art full of small and large messages, different trends, risky in their proposals: Effectist, provocative… We believe in the VARIETY of styles and genres, because they teach the public to be spectators and critics, and its artists to be attentive to continuous change. Culture must be in continuous change.

Creation tools. With the program Entre-Spaces, FITEC has always believed that the continuous formation of Artists is the fundamental tool for the development of their creations. Nonconformity with that art faces every day reality around him makes us strive edition after edition, to support these new creations and shelter to those already created. In this way we promote opportunities for training and exchange of ideas which will support the artist to develop his creation and can be shown to the public in optimal conditions, and the public the opportunity to approach the Arts and Culture with a double purpose: Knowing properly interpret the message of the artist and initiate him on a journey in which you can get to transform its role as receiver generator art.

Warranty and Quality Seal. FITEC thus stands as this seal, by serving as a platform for ideas, images and artistic proposals that leave from Madrid, while being witness to the great artistic activity here live and promotional point of Madrid companies.

Links Brotherhood. Latin America, is a reality in our culture with the participation of numerous artists, hence the importance of maintaining the ties of brotherhood and language to facilitate not only the union but also exchange with the Ibero-American community. Then we maintain direct contact with those responsible for cultural programs in different cities, as well as creators, seeking novelty in different artistic projects, facilitating the arrival on the scene of our country.

Building a Common House. In the European Union, the cultural sector is also affected by provisions of the Treaties do not explicitly refer to culture. And collaboration among cultural institutions in different countries and promoting mobility among creators largely shaped the construction of the idea of what has come to be called “European Culture”. In the European Agenda for Culture 2007 it acknowledged that culture is an essential aspect to achieve the strategic objectives of the EU’s prosperity, solidarity and security. Where politics fails if it does culture. So in FITEC we believe that we must deepen the idea of “European Culture”, which welcomes us all in one common home.

Solidarity Commitment. The “BOX OFFICE SOLIDARITY” is the tool with which FITEC, supports and collaborates in a concrete and responsible with the world around us, for a few years, those projects that we are somehow identified form: “Doctor Clown”, “Old Havana, City in Motion”, “A Cidade das Crianza”, “Holidays in Peace”, “The Temple of the Moon”… are some of the projects where we moved our small contribution.

A Walk Through History. The FITEC, in its later editions, he threw himself to the dissemination of productions and performances that allowed to present part of our history, through recreations and historical markets. Thus we work from the Festival, with the collaboration of different groups, companies and cultural agents related to it, offering the possibility of a range that has allowed us to travel from ancient Rome to the more distant future, through the Middle Ages The Golden Century, Baroque, Modern Age… And of course, the fusion of cultures and eras that give the multicultural character who is now our citizens.