Category Acrobatics

Velo como el rayo / FITEC 2016

EN - Javi Javichy / Velo como el rayoShow a comic juggler on his first day combining classic circus techniques with the freshest mood using the public for improvisation and juggling with diabolos balls to finish with a risky number of balances on rulos a show that will make you laugh both children older and not leave anyone indifferent.

Company: Javi Javichy (Spain – Madrid).



Wooow / FITEC 2016

A tremendous boy will try to turn what passes in front of him. Emotion, energy, circus, magic, humor and excellence. A Tribute to the game and the love. Come and see….

Company: Nando Caneca (Spain – Madrid).

Off-FITEC Program



Una Finestra al Circ / FITEC 2015

La Finestra Nou Circ / Una Finestra al CircDare to know our air acrobats, jugglers, clowns and acrobats, with their amazing and incredible numbers the viewer a window open to magic, fascination, enthusiasm and a myriad of exciting experiences.

Company: La Finestra Nou Circ (Spain – Valencia).



Este País es un Circo / FITEC 2015

Mike Dos Perillas / This Street is a Circus 2A delirious spectacle, blending circus arts, with the purest street theater. Improvisation, technique, but above all humor. A show that will open the doors to the reflections of a clown.

Audience Award at the International Street Theatre Festival of Valladolid

Company: Mike Dos Perillas (Spain – Madrid).

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Patty Diphussa, Hartista Contenporanea / FITEC 2015

It is a comedy show which includes skills such as balloon twisting, chemical magic, acrobatics, music and now… tap dancing! It is a show full of energy and good vibrations. The search for a particular artist looking for the Total Artwork in an increasingly frantic and craziest race. Getting stronger, higher and higher, until reaching the Grand Final: make a box, upside down, two meters high and with the mouth.

Company: Patty Diphussa (Spain – La Coruna).

Off-FITEC Progra...


Esta Calle es un Circo / FITEC 2013

What’s going on? In his show Dosperillas opens up the reflections of a clown. Juggling, balancing, improvisation and humor. Four weapons of mass destruction.

Company: Mike Dosperillas (Spain – Madrid).

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Aire Show / FITEC 2011

Innovative circus, a Chinese pole 5 meters high, a bucket, a microphone and wearing overalls, clown Ivan Alone, transforms the performance space involving the public to achieve its goal: to build a circus air and offer his wild final number. A show without words, where is the absurdity of the clown acrobat virtuosity.

Company: Iván Alonso Circoactivo (Spain – Madrid).



Estados / FITEC 2011

Actual circus show in which three people, united by a family relationship, face a state that haunts each feeling its being what they are. Proposal full of beautiful and candid images that do not leave indifferent innovative language.

Company: DeMenteS (Spain – Madrid).