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Saṃsārí (Dans Off Proyect) / FITEC 2017

EN - David Vento (Primario) / Saṃsārí‘Flowing together’, ‘passing through different states’, ‘wandering’. Saṃsāra is the cycle of birth, life, death and incarnation or rebirth in the philosophical traditions of India and other ancient philosophical religions. The person subject to the Saṃsāra is called Saṃsāri. A piece that fuses dance and acrobatics, where it is reflected as the object (Cyr wheel) adopts different characters depending on the space suggested by the music. And how to transmit the architecture of this space using the three elements involved: The Wheel, music and body.

Company: Asociación Primario – David Vento (Spain – Madrid).

David Vento is a dancer, acrobat and choreograp...


Vida (Dans Off Proyect) / FITEC 2017

EN - Pepa Cabezas (Primario) / Vida“No woman is born: one comes to be” Simone de Beauvoir. The main component of the piece is the struggle for freedom… Out of the most complete darkness, the woman is immersed in a new learning full of contradictory feelings, blockages, misunderstandings, longing for not knowing… And time passes, AND SUFFER , AND DOES, AND LEAVES… and discovers a new life… a new freedom…

Company: Asociación Primario – Pepa Cabezas (Spain – Madrid).

Pepa Cabezas at the age of 14 finishes his career of Spanish da...


Materia / FITEC 2017

Trip from IMPACT to CARICIA. A show of contemporary dance and live music, created as a sensorial experience that invites the public to immerse themselves in a reflection on society and human relationships.


Company: Zuk Dance Company (Spain – Madrid)



#DeTraca / FITEC 2016

A dancer, public participation and the smell of gunpowder are the ingredients of this piece that reflects a tender and poetic manner on refugees and how we are positioned to the problem of firecrackers.

Company: A Tempo Dansa – Pepa Cases (Spain – Castellón)

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Entre la Locura y la Belleza / FITEC 2016

EN - Estefania Dondi / Entre la Locura y la BellezaDeals with uncertainty, being carried away by the instinct of the first moment, the moment surprise. It is a game of improvisation in which there are specific tasks in the movement, space and music, but the rest is transformed into a game between the dancer, the public and the time.

Company: Estefanía Dondi (Costa Rica).


Mimesi / FITEC 2016

EN - Sicola Butoh / MimesiI travel through matter; inside and out, from the macro to that micro dimension. mutamento continuous organic world. Transformation, movement, life cycle in a perpetual… As a flow in a hypothetical journey into the world of cells, energy is wrapped and created.

Company: Sicola Butoh – Valeria Geremia (Italy).

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NU2 / FITEC 2016

EN - ZukDance / NU2It is the search for the integration of dualities, man and woman, the hard and soft, white and black. This piece of contemporary dance and breakdance; accompanied by the musical creation of Tucan Morgan and synthesizer sounds of Guillermo Medín are shadow sculpted muscles in our tissues, in our blood and in our bones. Through the language of dance foreshadowed “The body, the entire universe itself.” original music created by Tucan Morgan and Guillermo Medín exclusively for the part.

Company: Zuk Dance Company (Spain – Madrid).

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Three Times / FITEC 2015

Richard Quintana and Judith Rosillo / Three TimesIn three days we are born, we grow and die, just love: In the first half we see ourselves and awaken feelings that we usually hide, we feel it is a reflection of ourselves and seek the connection. In the second half they enjoyed are reciprocated, lifting in the air enjoying every corner and every moment we share. In the third we are led to decide even against our reasoning.

Company: Richard Quintana and Judith Rosillo (Colombia / Spain).


Visiones actuales de la danza / FITEC 2015

Feelings of everyday life expressed through music and dance. Program: The Song of the Lovers (Brel), Entre dos Aguas (Paco de Lucia), Tango, The Exterminating Angel.

Company: Ballet Contemporáneo de Madrid Luis Ruffo (Spain – Madrid).



Urba Natis / FITEC 2015

Public Beta - Pilar Villanueva LAN 1 / Urba NatisUrba Natis a piece of Pilar Villanueva LAN1 presented in the latest edition of the Choreographic Shows organized annually by the Association PUBLIC BETA (April 2015). NATIS URBA is a choreographic reflection on the movement of people in the urban environment. URBA NATIS uses the language of contemporary dance to present pictures and situations that we live daily in the city.

Dancers: Sandra Ostrowski Fernández / Eduardo Alves / Marcos Mondu

Musician: Juantxo de la Calle

Company: Public Beta – Pilar Villanueva LAN 1 (Spain / USA).