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La Poesía no ha muerto / FITEC 2021

In these turbulent times, where it seems that the material rules us, in an increasingly dehumanized world Emmanuel Cea Alonso de Liébana brings us the word made poetry from his voice to our emotions accompanied by the guitar teacher Anthony Ocaña. Both become a balm that will not leave you indifferent.

Company: El Balcón de la Calle de la Luna (Spain – Madrid)



Cartas Lorquianas / FITEC 2019

Coinciding with the anniversary of García Lorca’s arrival in Madrid, Teatro Destellos wants to make a small tribute to the universal Author based on his letters and the idea of the Lorca company “La Barraca”. An excerpt from this show in tribute to the figure of Federico García Lorca.

Show “In Process” PREMIERE FITEC 2019

Company: Teatro Destellos (Spain – Madrid)

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El Diccionario de las Maravillas / FITEC 2019

“Poetry is not distraction, but concentration, not a substitute for life, but illumination of being, not clarity of understanding, but truth of feeling.” Poems and songs by various authors. The Dictionary, a great book that presides over the scene offers us the words; The poet elaborates a language. An excerpt from this Spanish poetry show.

Company: El Balcón de la Calle de la Luna (Spain – Madrid)

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