Advance Programming FITEC 2016 – XIX edition

Where dreams are hiding…

“We are made of the same stuff that dreams are woven, our little life is surrounded by dreams”… William Shakespeare

All when we were kids we had a little hideaway, which occurred the most extraordinary adventures… there you could take refuge, close your eyes and in an instant become a spectacular animal tamer… or a trapeze bold performing “the hardest yet” or simply a child with powers to make others laugh…

That is the value of small corners of our house or our gardens or parks that took our elders, the value of having the capacity to accommodate all the dreams that one is able to imagine.

The coming days will come to the streets of the city, “our-yours” FITEC, and we intend to convert these spaces of our Getafe in the small-large corner where come true our dreams, that fantasy that is still part of us, a box to hide dreams, those that we get to light with each new edition of the festival… the FITEC, the place where our dreams are hidden.

Advance Programming* Year 2016 / 19th edition
* This Programming is subject to change and modifications

Advance Program FITEC 2016 day 1 - EN

Advance Program FITEC 2016 day 2 - EN

Advance Program FITEC 2016 day 3 - EN

Advance Program FITEC 2016 Parallel Arts - EN

Plano FITEC centro

Plano FITEC barrios 1