Zhá Zhá Zhú / FITEC 2019

Two actors, two actresses, a bicycle, music of the 30s and an aesthetic with modernist airs. We pass in front of others without hardly seeing them, pending the everyday, busy in ourselves. We lack time. What if one day we dedicate it to hug others? Do you want to feel butterflies in your stomach? We spread emotions, fluttering butterflies in the stomach, tingling in the toes, spontaneous smiles, nervous laughter and blushing on the cheeks Do you give me a hug? Do you get carried away by Zhá Zhá Zhú?

Company: Telón Corto (Spain – Madrid)

Official Program

Space: Cruce Hospitalillo / Getafe  ⇒ Calle Madrid / Getafe  ⇒ Plaza Ayuntamiento / Getafe 

Performances: Sept.27, 2019 at 8:30 pm.

Space: Plaza Ayuntamiento / Getafe  ⇒ Calle Madrid / Getafe  ⇒ Plaza Palacio / Getafe 

Performances: Sept.27, 2019 at 9:30 pm.

Duration: 45′ / All Audiences

Itinerant Street Show for all audiences, interactive and dynamic with which it is intended to activate the public, encourage them to share hugs and kisses and connect with those around us.