Year 2018 – XXI edition


On May 25, those responsible for the Department of Culture of the City Council of Getafe, meet with those responsible for the FITEC, to inform them of the new municipal policy of the City Council, in which the decision has been taken to take the public contest, the Celebration of a Cultural Festival in the street, and that the Asociación Cultural Destellos, may choose, together with the rest of the entities that so wish, to present their Festival proposal (FITEC 2018) if they wish. Valuing the proposal, the Asociación Cultural Destellos decides to run for the contest with its FITEC 2018 project.

On August 27, the Getafe City Council changes its mind and decides to propose “in extremis” the celebration of FITEC 2018, within the programming of another Festival called “Cucafest” Teatro Destellos, valuing the proposal, finally decides to accept it and prepares urgently the 21st edition of FITEC in Getafe.

FITEC officials also decide to expand horizons and propose their Festival project to different populations of the Community of Madrid, obtaining a positive response from the population of Cubas de la Sagra and Pinto, although the latter municipality must relegate its full participation in the FITEC at the last minute, for budgetary reasons.

The Organization Team, is reduced again to a structure of 2 people in coordination-management work, plus 3 more people logistic support.

18 theater, dance, music and circus compagnies, in official programming, with a total of 28 performances in the town of Getafe, plus 4 compagnies with a total of 6 performances in the town of Cubas de la Sagra. There are no shows in the Off-FITEC programming in any of the cases.

The Meeting of Human Statues takes place in the space of the Debod temple in Madrid; and in the town of Pinto, within the framework of the Christmas activities of this Madrid population.

The number of spectators in the street is estimated, around 25.200 spectators, in Getafe, 1.000 spectators in Cubas de la Sagra2.000 spectators in Madrid (Moncloa-Aravaca) and 1.500 spectators in Pinto, although these data are not collated since The coordination office of the Festival, since the lack of resources greatly hindered the collection of data in this regard.

It is dismissed by the FITEC, the installation of El Portal in person because of the lack of personnel for it. If The “Virtual” El Portal is maintained for the FITEC programmers, however, the 10% offer on Cachet of Companies under contract at the Fair is maintained.

THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY TO ACCREDIT Professionals: Distributors and representatives of City Halls, Theaters, Fairs and Festivals

THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY TO ACCREDIT Media Professionals: Media, newspapers, radio, audiovisuals…

The Training Program Entre-Espacios is again relegated to future editions due to the economic conditions and the short time that the organization team has had to carry out its Workshops and Seminars.

With respect to the Parallel Arts program, the data are as follows:

The Art-FITEC Market, in Getafe had 41 stands, without obtaining the expected results, since the rush in the contracting times of the Getafe City Council greatly hindered its installation. Barely 50% of the expected volume was reached with the resulting economic decline for the Festival. The influx to the market was around 15.000 people.

The “A Jugar a la Calle” project, merged with the proposal of the Getafe City Council to hold a Popular Games Olympiad, and the FITEC Saturday and Sunday mornings in Getafe were dedicated to the realization of this Olympiad in one of the pedestrian areas of Madrid de Getafe street, claiming as always the urban space, as a leisure and entertainment space.

No action is taken from the FITEC-Expositions project.

The FITEC Photo Marathon is suspended again, mainly due to budgetary constraints.

No action is taken from the FITEC-Solidarity. project.

Poster Announcer FITEC 2018

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