Year 2015 – XVIII edition


On September 18, before the media the Festival press conference on the roof of the City of Getafe will be held, attended by the Mayor of Getafe, the Councillor for Culture and the Directors of the Festival, which will present the trends editing program 2015.

Team Organization, maintains its minimal structure of 3 people, led by management and coordination. At this time human resources of the City of Getafe own add, counting the Festival with the involution of several municipal technicians and support staff and volunteers FITEC.

28 profesional companies of theater, dance, music and circus, in the official program and 8 companies in “Off-FITEC”, with a total of 95 performances.

The estimated number of viewers around the street 131.890 people.

There is no possibility of accrediting Programmers, distributors and representatives of Town halls, Theaters, Fairs and Festivals, nor Media Audiovisual and written.

The Portal, despite being a reality, undergoes a sharp decline in the share of both companies as programmers, mainly due to professional break of three years the festival has suffered since 2011. However, the offer stands 10% on Cachet of Companies in recruitment fair.

The Art-FITEC Market, with about 100 craft and food stands, decides to try a new route and unify the space craft and food in a unique tour, taking in this case the Don Fadrique street, Obispo Felipe Scio square, Felipe Estevez street, Pablo Iglesias ride and zone against Getafe Central Station. The inflow to the market is around the 45.000 people.

The Festival recovers again the Exhibition and Plastic Arts Program, performing several interventions: An exhibition of paintings by the “La Carpa, Getafe creators” association, an exhibition of period costumes by “Mirabela, changing rooms time” and several urban interventions with stencil techniques through the “Coolturearte Getafe” association.

The Festival also recovers a its first editions program: the “A Play to Street” Program, dedicating Sunday morning to several workshops and games on the streets of Getafe, as a claim of the street as a space to play.

The 3rd edition of the Meeting of Living Statues tried to recover its space again in the streets of Getafe, but due to budgetary problems, we could not carry it forward. We intend to strengthen this space financially for future editions.

The Training Between-Spaces is again relegated to future editions due to economic constraints and the limited time with the organization team has had to get their workshops and seminars.

The 10th Photo Marathon suffers another postponement. Mainly due to budget constraints we were forced to make in order to celebrate the 18th edition of FITEC 2015.

Poster Announcer FITEC 2015

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