Barnabas el cuenta caminos / FITEC 2019

Inspired by the magical beings of heroic fantasy: Elves, Elves, Geniuses and Ogres. Barnabas is a strange and crazy character who goes on the roads telling magical stories, creating improvised situations, always having the audience as an accomplice. The Path Account is a show that connects oral narration with puppet theater.

Company: Mau Tetro (Chile)


Los Primeros Burritos / FITEC 2019

Dorian, a young “donkey” who lives life with immense curiosity and innocence. Pep, a lion that is hunted and put in a circus cage. Neither was able to imagine what was going to happen. One day humans arrive, donkeys and the lion change their lives forever.

Company: Xarop Teatre (Spain – Castellón)

Official Program


Popular Games Olympiad / FITEC 2019

An Olympiad of Popular Games where the important thing is not to win, but to participate. You can play games as well known as the truque, the rayuela, the comba, the goma, the pañuelof, the bag races and a lot of other activities… Come and have fun!

Company: Teatro Destellos (Spain- Madrid)



Zhá Zhá Zhú / FITEC 2019

Two actors, two actresses, a bicycle, music of the 30s and an aesthetic with modernist airs. We pass in front of others without hardly seeing them, pending the everyday, busy in ourselves. We lack time. What if one day we dedicate it to hug others? Do you want to feel butterflies in your stomach? We spread emotions, fluttering butterflies in the stomach, tingling in the toes, spontaneous smiles, nervous laughter and blushing on the cheeks Do you give me a hug? Do you get carried away by Zhá Zhá Zhú?

Company: Telón Corto (Spain – Madrid)



El Misterio del Interior / FITEC 2019

(… Or maybe we should say The Ministry of the Interior?? …) Mr Spark has to work like every day in his office, but that day and he doesn’t know why, he has a huge circle of people watching him. Mr Spark already has a series of defects that prevent him from doing his job effectively, but this time with the presence of the public, this work day, which is going to be the last one, will become, at least, In a fabulous street show.

Company: Mr Spark (France/Spain)

Official Program


El Sombrero Desequilibrado / FITEC 2019

Piky Potus takes us into the world of play and humor, a character who seeks his balance in his hats and toys. It combines juggling, contact, handling and high-flying throwing skills. Interact directly with the public for a single purpose. The fun. A great end with risk of vertigo and without seeing, make this show transport us beyond the senses.

Company: Piky Potus (Argentina)


FR-Ágil / FITEC 2019

In every being there are two faces considered opposite: strength and fragility. The first traditionally linked to the masculine and the second to the feminine. The first positive, coveted and displayed. The second negative, hidden and limiting. The human being conceives the world in a binary way. Therefore a society that conceives strength as positive and essential, classifies fragility as negative and inessential. However, no individual acknowledges inessentially spontaneously. Therefore, we fled frantically from our fragility. We build rampant identity, without faults or cracks.

Company: Sabanda (Spain – Madrid)



Ad Límitum / FITEC 2019

A musician little accustomed to normality, instruments that come to life and circus madness. A mast, pianos and other original instruments that generate live music and unusual, epic and stupid images, all seasoned with a good dose of circus adrenaline. Are you ready to rock?

Company: Mario Comaneci (Spain – Toledo).



Art-FITEC. Getafe Crafts Market / FITEC 2019

Tribute 5th Centenary First Terrestrial Circumnavigation

This year 2019 marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of one of the most important events for humanity: The beginning of the trip that would go around the world for the first time in history. Funded by the Spanish Crown and captained by Fernando de Magallanes, and under the command of Juan Sebastián Elcano on his return, he completed the first circumnavigation of the Earth in history.

To commemorate this fact, the traditional Art-FITEC Market, becomes a splendid Renaissance Market that moves the pedestrians and spectators of the FITEC to the time of Juan Sebastián Elcano and Fernando de Magallanes, and of so many anonymous heroes who participated in this deed.

Organize: Destellos de Historia – Eventos Bayarri – Ayuntamiento de Getafe

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El Pirata Barba / FITEC 2019

For a long time the Lord of Mirabet and the Pirata Barba are faced by the map of a supposed treasure. They dedicate their days to persecute themselves and make life impossible, until they realize a surprising reality that they are about to discover… In the Columbretes islands this secret will be revealed and they will discover the true treasure.

1st Prize EuroPuppetFestiValsesia 2017- Italy

Company: Xarop Teatre (Spain – Castellón)

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