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As has been customary in previous editions of FITEC (International Festival of Street Theatre) Getafe, from the Festival organization, we decided to get back to competition, the design of the poster for what will be the XIX edition FITEC in this year of 2016.

You can find all relevant information on the terms and conditions of the competition then and/or download the PDF format Rules.

Annourcer Poster Contest Rules FITEC 2016»


  1. PARTICIPANTS: few people, artists and designers who wish interested may participate individually or in teams.
  1. THEME: The theme of the works is free, but with a meaning related to the Festival is theatre, dance, music, Performance, Circus, giving a wide range of possibilities in/of Street Arts.
  1. ORIGINALITY: Papers must be original and unpublished, not having been presented in other competitions and their authors will be responsible, with the Destellos Cultural Association, the Getafe Town Hall and third parties, the compliance with the provisions in these rules.
  1. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: They will design and free technique, provided that their mechanical reproduction possible.
  1. PRESENTATION AND FORMAT: The posters will be presented blood mounted on rigid surface with no protective glass or frame. The format, vertical or horizontal, is 50 cm. by 70 cm.

Authors who choose to make their works by computer systems must provide colour reproduction with measurements and other characteristics listed above, and the corresponding magnetic support with all the files necessary for obtaining photoliths, the technical documentation of procedures employees, including the sources used and if the case, the original scanned images in tiff format or other.

The organization disclaims its responsibility for damage or loss of original.

  1. ROTULATION: The posters will have the following legend:

(XIX) or (19) Edición FITEC 2016. / Getafe 30 Septiembre, 1 y 2 Octubre. / Teatro, Danza, Música, Circo. / A White band for logos with.- / Organiza / Patrocina / Circuito.

Will find posters of previous editions on the website

  1. IDENTIFICATION: Original included in the back of a sign that will serve to preserve the identity of the author to the Jury. Each contestant may submit up to two works, with a different sign each.

Besides, in a sealed envelope, the name and surname of the author, address, telephone number and a signed statement that the work is original and unpublished be included. On the outside of the envelope will appear in capital letters, the same sign appearing on the submitted work, without stating allusion to identify the contestant being excluded work otherwise.

  1. PRIZE: A single prize of € 500.00 (euros) for the winning poster set.

The winning work will remain the exclusive property of the Destellos Cultural Association and will be played to announce this year’s Festival, with mention of its author, without which it or they receive other financial compensation.

  1. DEADLINES: The originals are sent properly packaged, Teatro Destellos, the att. Javier García, Calle Valencia nº 7 Bajo C, 28903 Getafe – Madrid, from July 10 to August 5, 2016 inclusive.
  1. JURY: The selection and award of the prize contest will be held on the proposal of a jury that will be composed of various representatives of painting and graphic design in our city, as well as a representative of the firm. Sparkles theatre and a representative of the City of Getafe. This will meet for the ruling on Monday 8 August 2016 for which no sign that even within reach with posterity to this date will not be admitted.

The jury will check one by one, all the works presented to verify the effective compliance with the conditions set out in these rules and therefore rule on admission. Then the jury also assessed conception, its graphic or plastic quality, taking special emphasis on its harbinger effectiveness and playback conditions.

The jury may declare the contest, if it considers that none of the works presented meets the sufficient merit to be rewarded desert.

Jury decisions will, in any case, final and will be empowered to resolve any doubts that arise and make the arrangements necessary for the good order of the competition in all matters not provided in these rules.

Contestants simply by participating in this contest, expressly waive the exercise of all claims against decisions of the Jury.

  1. EXPOSITION: A selection of works submitted to the contest will be exhibited during the Festival. (Location to be determined)
  1. WORKS NO WINNERS: LThe winning posters may not be collected or claimed postage due, upon request of the authors, from October 12, 2016 and within 30 days. After this deadline, the Destellos Cultural Association and the Town Hall of Getafe may dispose freely of work not withdrawn.