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Failure of the Aranda de Duero 2018 Street Artists Contest

THELMO PAROLE. Winner of the Street Artists Contest of 2018 Aranda de Duero Parties.

The Show “The Show Must Go On!” by Thelmo Parole Artist, has been the Winner of the Street Artists Contest of the Festival of 2018 Aranda de Duero Parties

The winning...


Surcando Madrid (Sept.30, 2017)

FITEC 20th Anniversary: Theater and Art in the streets of Getafe


Crónica (Oct.2, 2017)

The XX edition of FITEC filled the streets of Getafe theater, circus and magic


Battle Of The Year “BOTY Ibérica” / FITEC 2017

EN - Cartel Boty iberica 2017On the occasion of the 2017 Battle of the Year Iberia Championship, qualifying of the Battle of the Year 2017 International Championship (BOTY), which will take place in Germany in October 2017, bringing together the winning groups from around the world, FITEC has decided to of its programming this championship.

Once again, thanks to Universobboy and FITEC, we have the pleasure of celebrating the Breakin Scenic Shows event par excellence: Battle of the Year Ibérica, where the first prize is a direct qualifier for groups from Spain and Portugal to the end of Battle of the Year International to be held on October 21, 2017 in Germany. Two years ago we represented, apart from marking history, ArcopomCrew… Who will be the chosen in this edition?



Cadena Ser (Sept.29, 2017)

The theater goes out to the street


Noticias para Municipios (Sept. 29, 2017)

GETAFE / The 20th edition of the FITEC International Street Theater Festival starts with important news


Levante (Sept.28, 2017)

Levante Icon

The company of Xarop Teatre will participate in the international festival of Getafe


Getafe Capital (Sept.27, 2017)

Getafe Capital Icon

The theater invades the streets with the FITEC


Artezblai (Sept.27, 2017)

XX FITEC, International Street Theater Festival of Getafe

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