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Call for the Human Statues Meeting of FITEC 2021 Parla

Dear Friends, cordial greetings to everyone, from FITEC 2021 XXIII edition for October 3, 2021 we have created the 1st Prize of the Public for Human Statues Parla 21.

We will select 8 statues with the following conditions:

  • A total of € 75.00 will be paid per statue or set. And they will be able to “pass the cap” during the time that they remain carrying out the activity in their respective spaces.
  • The Statues or Sets will be located in the grounds of Parque del Este, within the framework of the FITEC festival in Parla, between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. in the space assigned to them by the organization.
  • In case of wanting to remain in the spaces for longer than the authorized time, they must notify the Organization in advance and sufficiently in advance, for the management of the corresponding permits.
  • The Organization will manage and process the public road occupancy permits for each of the participating Statues or Groups.
  • The Statues or Ensembles must be autonomous in terms of characterization and / or dressing room needs.
  • The Organization will be in charge of the dissemination of the event through the website and all the Festival’s social networks.
  • A single audience prize will be awarded immediately on stage of € 500.00

Those interested in Participating have to make a Registration via E-Mail to the email: or through our CONTACT form, on the website, providing the following documentation:

  • Name, DNI or NIF of the person or persons who are going to exhibit and telephone.
  • Title of the Statue.
  • Short synopsis about the statue and the artist (no more than 5 lines)
  • Updated photograph of the Statue.

Thanking you in advance for your participation, receive a cordial greeting.



The programming of street shows, like that of theaters in general, has been seriously affected as a result of the measures to contain the Covid-19

From the FITEC Festival, we send to all the professionals who have to do with show business our message of encouragement, encouragement and solidarity, from the desire to help us cope with these very difficult moments that we are experiencing.

The artists are people used to always working against the current, with all the good and the bad that this entails: main victims of times of crisis, considering our profession as “expendable” and at the same time generating new ways of thinking and solutions . Chameleons always adapting to our constantly changing environment.

Even knowing how important it is for the world of street shows, contact with the public and live work, we encourage you to disseminate the recordings of your productions, whether they have already been presented at FITEC or not, through our YouTube platform.

Our goal is to maintain contact with the Festival’s public, so that they can continue enjoying from home the shows already shown on the streets, as well as those that are yet to come.

We want to put our cap now, today “virtual”, not for a specific solidarity project as we have done during the different editions of the Festival, but for the largest project we have faced: ALL OF US, allocating the funds to the investigation against Cov-19.

We also want to raise our predisposition to join the initiatives and collaborations that may arise from our environment.

Greetings and all our encouragement.

Coming soon… #seeyouonthrestreets


Madrid Human Statues Meeting Call

The F.I.T.E.C. (International Street Theater Festival), counting on the coordination of Teatro Destellos Company, we will once again hold the Human Statues Meeting, of Moncloa-Aravaca district of Madrid city.

The meeting will be held on October 28, 2018, in a single day, and will have a minimum duration of an hour and a half, showing a total of 10 Human Statues that will be selected from among all the proposals that reach us.

End of reception of proposals of Madrid Human Statues Meeting

F.I.T.E.C. (International Street Theater Festival), with the coordination of the company Teatro Destellos, concludes the reception of proposals for the Human Statues Meeting, in one of the districts of the city of Madrid.

When the definitive dates of the Meeting take place, we will contact the artists who will be part of the 10 Human Statues that will be part of this meeting.


Madrid Living Statues Meeting Call

F.I.T.E.C. (International Street Theatre Festival), with the coordination of the company Teatro Destellos, We intend to organize a Human Statues Meeting, in one of the districts of the city of Madrid.

The Meeting will be held on dates still to be determined in 2017, in a single day, and will last between 3 or 4 hours in two passes with a small rest in between, showing a total of 10 Human Statues that will be selected from among All the proposals that come to us.

Volunteers for Flashmob Call in FITEC 2015

Destellos Theatre Company and the Getafe Hall Town, will schedule an intervention type street flashmob for Saturday September 26, in the square of the Constitution of Getafe (Madrid), during the celebration of the 18th edition of FITEC (International Street Theatre Festival).

We ask all those who have wanted for so long that the Festival returns to the streets of the city, which will involucréis with us on this exciting project, and we dance cone is dedicated to the flashmob Festival.


Human Statues Meeting Call / FITEC 2015

The Theatre Destellos Company and the City Council of Getafe, we will pick a new edition of FITEC (International Street Theatre Festival), after three year hiatus.

As in previous years we intend to redo the Human Statues Meeting in Madrid Street (main pedestrian street in the city of Getafe), as well as the route that have the Market of Craft and Art-FITEC Gastronomy, which This year 2015 through the streets Don Fadrique, Felipe Estevez, Pablo Iglesias ride and Getafe Central station RENFE area againts.