Space 22. Parque Sánchez Coy (Cerro Buenavista)

The space “22. Parque Sánchez Coy (Cerro Buenavista)“, refers to the area that forms the park, on the side of Ignacio Sánchez Coy Street, in the Cerro Buenavista neighborhood, in the city of Getafe. Wide and open space, it has become a meeting space between the neighbors of the neighborhood for its ideal pedestrian configuration for the development of activities in the urban environment. Ignacio Sánchez Coy Street was inaugurated, next to the adjacent park in 2017, as a tribute to the Councilor of the City of Getafe passed away in 2012. In 2017, the municipal government opted to expand the spaces of representation of the Festival in the neighborhoods of Getafe, and this space was one of the chosen ones.