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On the Road / FITEC 2019

Urban plastic intervention of this Italian artist. Fabiola Branca will develop during the days in which the FITEC Festival is held in Getafe, a pictorial exhibition related to the theme to which this year we dedicate the Festival: The dare to set sail for new goals, new dreams. Transversally we will discuss the theme of the female world, so present in the work of Federico García Lorca, which this year marks the anniversary of his arrival in Madrid.

Company: Fabiola Branca (Italy)


In-FITEC-Acción / 2015 FITEC

Destellos Theatre / In-FITEC-AcciónA Festival is full of actions and messages that flood the streets and infect their viewers questions and suggestions. Who understands us?

Company: Destellos Theatre (Spain – Madrid).



The Bio Object Project / FITEC 2011

“The Bio Object” is a portable theater, a structure designed as a sculptural piece where, for 4 hours, Polish artists make a sample of contemporary visual art of his country.

Company: The Centre for Culture in Lublin (Poland).

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