Category Magic

La Petite Caravane / FITEC 2017

EN - Adrian Conde / La Petite Caravane CartelSet in the theaters of the early 1900s, this small theater can house the most varied performances. Theater, magic, puppets, shadow theater, live music or short films… “La petite caravane” is the smallest theater. Only 25 people can enjoy, in passes of 20 minutes, an unforgettable unique and unrepeatable performance.

Company: Adrián Conde (Spain – Asturias).

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La Magia Extrema de Víctor Cerro / FITEC 2017

EN - Victor Cerro / Magia ExtremaThroughout two shows Victor Cerro, a magician specializing in extreme magic, will put your heart in a fist as he faces a path between anti-people mines, a crystal hell and the “Angel of Death” a terrifying mechanical behemoth.

Company: Victor Cerro (Spain – Cáceres).

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Un, dos, tres… Abracadabra / FITEC 2016

EN - Mago-oski / Un, dos, tres... AbracadabraThe children are magicians and magicians, the great ones remember how magical they are and enjoy the double, for the spectacle and to see his people have a good time. It is a magic show for all audiences and to enjoy it as a family, because it is fun and designed for the more frequent audience. Combination of magic and humor in the right measures. The wizard Oski will make you laugh, participate and excite you making you spend an unparalleled moment.

Company: Mago-oski (Spain – Salamanca).



Piccolo Camerino / FITEC 2011

Adrian Conde / Piccolo Dressing RoomA magic show seen through the eyes of a clown: A clown dressed person is late for his show. The dressing room is behind the stage and the audience waiting. He would have to be changed, but now will not leave the scene. How did you manage to dress in front of so many people? Fortunately, in your suitcase it is a world.

Company: Adrián Conde (Spain – Asturias).