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Paradapara2 / FITEC 2018

Losing a bus can be a setback or the beginning of a fun adventure. Paradapara2 narrates the adventures of two particular characters in their desire to take a bus. Everyday scenes that are transformed into truly chaotic situations that will make them lose their papers… and the bus.

* Show awarded with the prize for the best show at the XIV INTERNATIONAL STREET THEATER EXHIBITION “CIUDAD DE PALENCIA” and awarded as the winning company in the “MINÍVAGOS” section within the V NOCTIVAGOS STREET THEATER CEREMONY (Oropesa de Toledo)

Company: Que te Den Teatro (Spain – Ávila).

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Un Chiflado Irreverente / FITEC 2018

In this show we can see from the most classic effects to the most contemporary within the field of magic and all mixed with clown techniques, which enhance a clueless, jocular and above all crazy character. It is a character just out of the asylum that will try to amaze the public at all costs. In the process he finds his inner world and discovers his abilities, getting more and more complicated magic effects, even some juggling with balls. The show consists of different very visual magic routines being very impressive for the little ones accompanied by visual comedy and a great sense of humor that will make the older ones laugh. You never know for sure what is going to happen, anything can happen due to the continuous participation of the public and the large dose of improvisation.

Company: Joaco Showman (Spain – Madrid).



Alacasín. La Magia del Clown / FITEC 2018

In the middle of the square something is about to happen. The spectators sit around a mysterious chest. A magical chest that houses inside everything the imagination of the public is able to evoke. Do you dare to open it?… Alacasín, with simplicity and the innocent look of the clown, is a show that stands up to create moments of complicity with the audience. Moments where everything is possible, where you can laugh willingly, whether you are a child or an adult. It is born of combining the magic and the innocent look of the clown. Designed for a family audience, that is; a show for children suitable for adults.

Company: El Cofre Mágico (Spain – Madrid)

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Magia Potagia Pata de Cabra / FITEC 2018

Alicia wants to do wonders and become a star. When she wants to do magic, she turns out to be more pious than magician. He is telepathic with telepathy and practices a very elementary mentalism. Her great illusion for being an illusionist turns her into an illusion and if she plays at being fakir, she will end up in pain. This clown show is a clown wink to the world of magic and a small tribute to classic clowns.

Company: Alicia Maravillas (Spain – Valladolid)



El Gran Braulio / Street Artists Aranda 2018

Braulio is the best magician in the world or at least that is what he believes, but… who are we to make him know the truth? This is much more fun, and if he knew about the ridicule he is doing, he would not behave as he is. A clumsy magician and so clueless that he is not aware that his tricks happen to him by chance. Now this eccentric character comes to our city to show his “great” show, but… will he be so lucky this time? Come and discover it!

Company: Adrián Conde (Spain – Asturias).

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