Category Baby Theatre

Hola Vida / FITEC 2018

Hola Vida is a work where babies from 0 to 5 years travel through a world full of sensations and stimuli. The sweetness, love and love are the thread of this show. Through visual and sound elements, children and adults are trapped.

Company: Tatira (Spain – Madrid).



Seres & Enseres / FITEC 2015

Piruleta 7 more 2 / Seres & EnseresIt is a piece halfway between dance, performance, theater or sensory object theater for children between 6 months to 2 years old. Here there is a story, there is a person and objects. The issues appear as a sound, a smell, a feeling or gesture, the verb “to be” is extended to multiple possibilities and things simply pass them things.

Company: Piruleta 7 más 2 (Spain – Madrid).

Official Program