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Solo Fabiolo Glam Slam / FITEC 2017

EN - Fabiolo Producciones / Solo Fabiolo CartelA different mood proposal. An exquisite satire of the current Spanish in “One man show” format in the mouth and body of FABIOLO, a posh figure of the Madrid jet set, irreverent, lackluster and bare as only the very rich know how to be. The actor RAFA MAZA dresses tennis player to handle the racket of the present with his own style and elegance snob. If anyone knows what is cooked in the high spheres, that is FABIOLO and he has come to tell us. In spite of his insolence and his obvious lack of tact, the personage puts to the public in the pocket, that enthusiastically applauds every gesture, every imitation, every anecdote. Time seems to flow as light as the protagonist’s morality. He sees reality in his own way and comments without filters, spontaneously. From that elite to which it belongs gives us advice to play the “great match of life”, create Spain brand, or make safaris by the savannah. In this fresh, unique and different show, Rafa Maza unfolds a wide range of numbers and gags combined with juggling, magic and even light song, highlighting above all his talent for the imitations of current characters and improvisation with the public.

Company: Fabiolo Producciones (Spain – Madrid).

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Tanque Gurugú / FITEC 2017

EN - Asaco Producciones / Tanque Gurugú CartelCan you imagine a tank chasing a clown in the street? Comic touring show for all audiences, where a yogi clown removes boundaries set by a tank where a clown sergeant and an acrobat pilot go. After several scenes and circus situations and “reclownbolescas” the show ends with the fronts in a final party where they dance the presents, tank included.

Company: Asaco Producciones (Spain – Caceres).

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El Mundo de Oz / FITEC 2017

EN - Teatro Destellos / El Mundo de OzWe are in the Great World of Oz where the gentle Dorita will help her friends to obtain their dreams: To Leoncio to find the courage, to the Scarecrow to find the intelligence and the Tin Man to find a heart, without suspecting that all our dreams We already carry them inside…

Company: Teatro Destellos (Spain – Madrid).

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Crusoe / FITEC 2017

EN - Markeliñe / Crusoe CartelFrom a solitary island, with sea and marine flavor, Crusoe sees the time pass and the boats without any stops. Things happen with the naturalness that happen in life, surprising us sometimes, bothering us in others and generally, teaching us to endure them. Crusoe, then, manages to live a peaceful life accompanied by Fridays. A life that, like a ship on the high seas, continues to pass in the distance.

Company: Markeliñe (Spain – Biscay).

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Menina / FITEC 2017

EN - 7Burbujas / Menina CartelFrom the centuries of the centuries the human being has not stopped to look and to be surprised in the confines of the space time before everything that worthy and deserving of reflection and the awakening of the human soul… This is how we found the wheel or, going a little Farther away, the fire…. Many were the adventurers who in their iliada crossed the bottom of the seas looking for nymphs or crossed galactic borders after cyclops and stars…

Company: 7Burbujas (Spain – Toledo).

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