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Cuentos del final de un verano / Street Artists Aranda 2018

Two Stories… Two Dreams… Stories!… Dreams!… Stories as dreams and dreams as stories… Stories to awaken the marmot and the moles and stories to sleep the owl and the owl. Stories for children and girls… For the gossips and the old ones. Tales of water and fire. We carry in this bag, all kinds of stories… Stories translated into a universal, theatrical and poetic language… dramatic form and movement. We bring these pixies with a bag full of stories….

Company: Teatro Destellos (Spain – Madrid).

Street Artists Meeting Aranda de Duero 2018

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Agridulce / Street Artists Aranda 2018

A thrilling adventure with two hilarious characters, told through several interwoven stories relentlessly that do not let you blink. They use the Breakdancing, comedy, theater and pantomime as scenic languages, and they engage the audience into the story.

Company: Umami (Spain / France).



El Bosque del Fin del Mundo / Street Artists Aranda 2018

A naive hiker looking “End of the World Forest”. A ranger has a unique mission: to protect the last tree. The meeting fosters both a fun and crazy dialogue, which reveal a not so distant future a possible reality. Key comedy theater of the absurd, which leaves to light, many of the problems with which humans have to deal to resolve the current state of our planet.

Company: Epa! Juglares (Spain – Madrid).

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El Mundo de Oz / FITEC 2017

EN - Teatro Destellos / El Mundo de OzWe are in the Great World of Oz where the gentle Dorita will help her friends to obtain their dreams: To Leoncio to find the courage, to the Scarecrow to find the intelligence and the Tin Man to find a heart, without suspecting that all our dreams We already carry them inside…

Company: Teatro Destellos (Spain – Madrid).

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Locos por la Música / FITEC 2017

EN - Espiral Teatro / Locos por la MúsicaTwo courtesans and Mr. Marquis de Pataslargas, made a trip in cart accompanied by their servants and a band of musicians. Tired and bored of so much trip, they decide to make a stop (Getafe) to stretch their long legs, to dance, to play and to have fun for a while. They also like to know the place of the stop and its people and boast showing their hairstyles, their luxurious dresses and their more than Frenchized manners. Live music with themes arranged from Mozart’s amusements and popular themes.

Company: Espiral Teatro (Spain – Madrid).

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