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Cuentos de Nana / FITEC 2018

When Nana plays with children, she creates a world of characters that interact with the little ones, in this way she converts inanimate beings into living characters full of emotions.

Company: Nana Títeres (Spain – Madrid).



Tutilimundi. Teatros en Miniatura / FITEC 2018

Tutilimundi is a show of scenic boxes built with the “Lambe Lambe” technique, miniature theaters for one or two spectators, created with different manipulation techniques of puppets and objects. The public that attends this event will have the opportunity to enjoy an intimate experience peering into each of these mysterious boxes through a small hole or peephole, expiating inside, being participants in this theatrical technique so little diffused in Spain.

Company: Le Guignol Orthopedique (Spain – Madrid).

Official Program


Monstruos / FITEC 2018

An evil-looking sorcerer wants to expel Pit from his home by making him feel afraid, but Pit is not easily frightened. The wizard’s terrifying tactics do not end well. Spells, a demon, a big skull and a dragon are summoned by this sorcerer, who gets things backwards.

Company: La Pinzón (Colombia / Spain).



El Pirata Barba / FITEC 2017

EN - Xarop Teatre / El Pirata BarbaFor a long time the Lord of Mirabet and the Pirata Barba are faced by the map of a supposed treasure. They dedicate their days to persecute themselves and make life impossible, until they realize a surprising reality that they are about to discover… In the Columbretes islands this secret will be revealed and they will discover the true treasure.

1st Prize EuroPuppetFestiValsesia 2017- Italy

Company: Xarop Teatre (Spain – Castellón).

Official Program



Periplo Variete / FITEC 2017

EN - Periplo Marionetas / Periplo VarietesPeriplo Variete is a musical full of humor, where improvisation with the public is fundamental. The cast of this Variete is composed of realistic wire puppets that interact among them: the four of Liverpool, TitiriBeatles; A Jazz Diva, Ella; A provocative Rock pianist, Jack; An apprentice of clown, Blonde and an acrobat cat, the delight of all children, Mr. Cat.

Company: Peroplo Marionetas (Spain – Madrid).

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