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Poco a poco / FITEC 2019

It is a mixture of monologue and humorous songs that uses the excuse of gathering a fake group that was famous in the 80s (Los Pocos, rivals of Los Pecos) formed by comedian Pepe Macías and singer-songwriter Kiko Tovar… It is not a monologue because they are two. It is not a concert because they talk too much. It’s not something new because they were a hit in the 80s. It’s a documentary, but it’s not recorded. Music, humor and some mustache.

Company: Los Pocos (Spain – Madrid)

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Violonchelo / FITEC 2018

The Reina Sofía School of Music was formed at the Violoncello Chair with Professor Ivan Monighetti. He offers us solo pieces of cello enlivened with delicate poetry.

Company: Paula Brizuela (Spain – Madrid)



Salida de Emergencia in Concert / FITEC 2017

Pop and Rock Group of the Municipal School of Music “Maestro Gombau”. Salida de Emergencia in Concert is a combination of various musical styles such as rock, soul, funk and electronic music.

Company: Salida de Emergencia (Spain – Madrid)

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Quimera in Concert / FITEC 2017

EN - Quimera / Quimera in ConcertThey say that variety is the spice, and the idea came Quimera. It is a band composed of 8 members with different styles: Pop, Rock, Ballads, Funk, etc… and eager to give cane.

Company: Quimera (Spain – Madrid).

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Locos por la Música / FITEC 2017

EN - Espiral Teatro / Locos por la MúsicaTwo courtesans and Mr. Marquis de Pataslargas, made a trip in cart accompanied by their servants and a band of musicians. Tired and bored of so much trip, they decide to make a stop (Getafe) to stretch their long legs, to dance, to play and to have fun for a while. They also like to know the place of the stop and its people and boast showing their hairstyles, their luxurious dresses and their more than Frenchized manners. Live music with themes arranged from Mozart’s amusements and popular themes.

Company: Espiral Teatro (Spain – Madrid).

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