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Agridulce / Street Artists Aranda 2018

A thrilling adventure with two hilarious characters, told through several interwoven stories relentlessly that do not let you blink. They use the Breakdancing, comedy, theater and pantomime as scenic languages, and they engage the audience into the story.

Company: Umami (Spain / France).



Danza Oriental y Fusión Tribal / FITEC 2017

EN - Raks Samadhi / Danza Oriental y Fusión TribalTwo very different styles of dance but with one element in common: the Oriental Dance. The Oriental Dance is a dance that combines traditional elements from the Middle East along with others from North Africa. It is characterized by its smooth and fluid movements, dissociating and coordinating at the same time the different parts of the body. The Tribal Fusion style is defined by picking up movements and symbols from multiple disciplines and passing them through their sieve to make them their own. It merges West and East. It appropriates music of all kinds and from all over the world and goes through aesthetics and environments very diverse exotic, mystical, contemporary, urban… It is one of the most creative and flexible dances of these moments.

Company: Raks Samadhi (Spain – Madrid).

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Hoax (Dans Off Proyect) / FITEC 2017

EN - Denislav Valentinov (Primario) / HoaxExploring the limits and development of personal space under the conditions of society, reflecting on the deception that we live today and the false sense of freedom they offer us, I wonder how we got here?

Company: Asociación Primario – Denislav Valentinov (Spain – Madrid).

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Luces coreográficas contemporáneas neoclásicas y españolas / FITEC 2017

EN - Ballet Contemporaneo de Madrid / Luces coreográficas contemporáneas neoclásicas y españolas 1The Ballet Contemporáneo de Madrid Luís Ruffo presents the program “Luces coreográficas contemporáneas neoclásicas y españolas”. The program is Paco de Lucía, Sevillanas, Tango, Sirtaky and Concert.

Company: Ballet Contemporáneo de Madrid Luis Ruffo (Spain – Madrid).

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Saṃsārí (Dans Off Proyect) / FITEC 2017

EN - David Vento (Primario) / Saṃsārí‘Flowing together’, ‘passing through different states’, ‘wandering’. Saṃsāra is the cycle of birth, life, death and incarnation or rebirth in the philosophical traditions of India and other ancient philosophical religions. The person subject to the Saṃsāra is called Saṃsāri. A piece that fuses dance and acrobatics, where it is reflected as the object (Cyr wheel) adopts different characters depending on the space suggested by the music. And how to transmit the architecture of this space using the three elements involved: The Wheel, music and body.

Company: Asociación Primario – David Vento (Spain – Madrid).

David Vento is a dancer, acrobat and choreograp...