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Cristal de Aire en Flor / FITEC 2018

It is a theatrical show, almost unipersonal, where different body languages ​​are fused (dance, aikido, iaido), songs in different languages ​​and the structuring text of the whole show is the myth of Psyche and Eros, version of the “Golden Ass” from Apuleyo. The poetic texts and the songs reflect the journey starting from a gender perspective and go from the emblematic figure of a geisha and the different ruptures that the woman has made in her awareness among the illusions-mandates-survival-contemporary difficulties between the working life and the idea of ​​romanticism. The myth of Psyche and Eros refers to the constitution of the feminine soul, in its aspiration to also contain the masculine part, which allows it to arrive at the achievements that daily life demands. Humor is not absent, because in the area of ​​love crises and their experiential journeys between madness and alienation to the healthy awareness that allows us to confront ideals and realities, there is an expressive range that allows us to laugh so as not to cry. The battle between the social characters incorporated into the discourse that they think, criticize, judge and advise makes it difficult and contradictory to clear the real desires and the politically correct behaviors.

Company: Grabiela Grosso (Argentina).

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Anda que no ni ná / FITEC 2018

A somewhat atypical mother-in-law capable of hanging from the curtains, a widowed mother who sings and stomps with flamenco character and a teenage son who dances distractedly and reluctantly with his grandmother are the protagonists of this singular house. The story unfolds in the living room of a typical Andalusian home of the 70s and in it everyday situations such as cleaning the house, napping or reading a comic are transformed into moments of virtuosity and humor where everything is possible, even blowing up a sofa.

Company: La Petite Producciones (Spain – Granada).



Aukerak / FITEC 2018

When you know where you are going, are you sure you are on the path that YOU have chosen or simply let yourself go? What part of our choices are our own and how far are we conditioned by social standards? In “Aukerak” we talk about the choices of life and the paths we choose for a trip that is only one way… Virtuous technique seasoned with a lot of humor… The protagonists of “Aukerak” will make a journey through different moods using the Circus (dance, juggling and acrobatics) as a tool of expression. The work as a whole, speaks of the place where society places the man, the weight that implies having to fulfill the roles that they impose on us. It is a succession of scenes that show us this conflict in everyday situations such as fatherhood, friendship, success or home.

Company: The Funes Troup (Spain – Vizcaya).

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Sensaciones / FITEC 2018

Dances of the world… Different visions of the world of dance. The company of Luis Ruffo has invigorated the world of dance in Getafe in recent years, having its best show at the FITEC.

Company: Ballet Contemporáneo de Madrid Luís Ruffo (Spain – Madrid).

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Agridulce / Street Artists Aranda 2018

A thrilling adventure with two hilarious characters, told through several interwoven stories relentlessly that do not let you blink. They use the Breakdancing, comedy, theater and pantomime as scenic languages, and they engage the audience into the story.

Company: Umami (Spain / France).