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Julietto! / FITEC 2018

Angosta di Mente stars in a street clown show. The function takes as a reference the character of Juliet. Narrow calls Julieto. Juliet does not come. The tragedy is served and at the same time it can not be. Narrow is that character without an author who wants to die for love and, above all, reach the end of the performance.

Company: Angosta di Mente (Spain – Madrid).



Aukerak / FITEC 2018

When you know where you are going, are you sure you are on the path that YOU have chosen or simply let yourself go? What part of our choices are our own and how far are we conditioned by social standards? In “Aukerak” we talk about the choices of life and the paths we choose for a trip that is only one way… Virtuous technique seasoned with a lot of humor… The protagonists of “Aukerak” will make a journey through different moods using the Circus (dance, juggling and acrobatics) as a tool of expression. The work as a whole, speaks of the place where society places the man, the weight that implies having to fulfill the roles that they impose on us. It is a succession of scenes that show us this conflict in everyday situations such as fatherhood, friendship, success or home.

Company: The Funes Troup (Spain – Vizcaya).

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Alacasín. La Magia del Clown / FITEC 2018

In the middle of the square something is about to happen. The spectators sit around a mysterious chest. A magical chest that houses inside everything the imagination of the public is able to evoke. Do you dare to open it?… Alacasín, with simplicity and the innocent look of the clown, is a show that stands up to create moments of complicity with the audience. Moments where everything is possible, where you can laugh willingly, whether you are a child or an adult. It is born of combining the magic and the innocent look of the clown. Designed for a family audience, that is; a show for children suitable for adults.

Company: El Cofre Mágico (Spain – Madrid).

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Super Harte / FITEC 2018

How can you avoid having fear paralyze you, when you are little and everyone tells you that you can not? The key is in SUPERHARTE. A show with a message of empowerment for adults, children and especially girls: overcome fear and be able to do what you want. It includes acrobatics, dances and the spectacular end of the giant balloon.

Company: Patty Diphussa (Spain – A Coruña).



Magia Potagia Pata de Cabra / FITEC 2018

Alicia wants to do wonders and become a star. When she wants to do magic, she turns out to be more pious than magician. He is telepathic with telepathy and practices a very elementary mentalism. Her great illusion for being an illusionist turns her into an illusion and if she plays at being fakir, she will end up in pain. This clown show is a clown wink to the world of magic and a small tribute to classic clowns.

Company: Alicia Maravillas (Spain – Valladolid).