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4×4! Circus Show / FITEC 2018

Little Testa embarks on a journey through its fantastic world, where spectacular circus numbers are combined with physical theater, contemporary dance and improvisation in a clown key. A universe of humor and physical prowess in equal parts, where the participation of the public is essential. Little arrives with a trunk full of strange objects: strange glasses, metal buckets, 3 diabolos and a fishing rod. He dances with the diabolos, fights against the cubes and rises to the sky in incredible verticals… “4×4” is a show of small format and full of surprises, with an excellent technique of verticals, diabolos, clown improvisation and an incredible trick with the participation of 3 public volunteers.

Company: Little Testa (Spain – Barcelone).

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Un Chiflado Irreverente / FITEC 2018

In this show we can see from the most classic effects to the most contemporary within the field of magic and all mixed with clown techniques, which enhance a clueless, jocular and above all crazy character. It is a character just out of the asylum that will try to amaze the public at all costs. In the process he finds his inner world and discovers his abilities, getting more and more complicated magic effects, even some juggling with balls. The show consists of different very visual magic routines being very impressive for the little ones accompanied by visual comedy and a great sense of humor that will make the older ones laugh. You never know for sure what is going to happen, anything can happen due to the continuous participation of the public and the large dose of improvisation.

Company: Joaco Showman (Spain – Madrid).



Aukerak / FITEC 2018

When you know where you are going, are you sure you are on the path that YOU have chosen or simply let yourself go? What part of our choices are our own and how far are we conditioned by social standards? In “Aukerak” we talk about the choices of life and the paths we choose for a trip that is only one way… Virtuous technique seasoned with a lot of humor… The protagonists of “Aukerak” will make a journey through different moods using the Circus (dance, juggling and acrobatics) as a tool of expression. The work as a whole, speaks of the place where society places the man, the weight that implies having to fulfill the roles that they impose on us. It is a succession of scenes that show us this conflict in everyday situations such as fatherhood, friendship, success or home.

Company: The Funes Troup (Spain – Vizcaya).

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The Show Must Go On! / Street Artists Aranda 2018

A very intense and delicate work, focused on the interaction with the public, with disciplines such as the manipulation of objects, the pantomime or the balances that Thelmo uses as a tool to improvise situations, create games, share moments, project emotions… Getting as it turns out to be an exciting, dynamic and fun show… With an innocent, sometimes eccentric sense of humor… and an almost total absence of the sense of ridicule… Thelmo connects with the viewer in a natural, sincere, nude way , unpretentious… Transforming his sophisticated but almost awkward appearance into a more athletic but misaligned, almost ridiculous…. Taking off his pasta glasses and changing his suit and tie for his lycra mesh and superhero cape.

Company: Thelmo Parole (Spain – Madrid).

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Wooow / Street Artists Aranda 2018

A tremendous boy will try to turn what passes in front of him. Emotion, energy, circus, magic, humor and excellence. A Tribute to the game and the love. Come and see….

Company: Nando Caneca (Spain – Madrid).

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