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Ad Límitum / FITEC 2019

A musician little accustomed to normality, instruments that come to life and circus madness. A mast, pianos and other original instruments that generate live music and unusual, epic and stupid images, all seasoned with a good dose of circus adrenaline. Are you ready to rock?

Company: Mario Comaneci (Spain – Toledo).



Los Dos Chorlitos / FITEC 2018

It is a show created in 2014, which collects characteristics of the traditional clown with the most modern and current hooligan Clown. It is a dynamic show full of musical, magical and circus routines. The ClaClowns embaucaran the whole family with the charm of the classic circus clowns of a lifetime and impress them with their diabolo routines, acrobatics, magic and physical comedy. The show has been programmed by the Diputación de Ávila within its Summer Program, and also within the Big Fair of Don Benito and Fiestas del Lucero, among other events.

Company: ClaClowns (Spain – Madrid).



Aukerak / FITEC 2018

When you know where you are going, are you sure you are on the path that YOU have chosen or simply let yourself go? What part of our choices are our own and how far are we conditioned by social standards? In “Aukerak” we talk about the choices of life and the paths we choose for a trip that is only one way… Virtuous technique seasoned with a lot of humor… The protagonists of “Aukerak” will make a journey through different moods using the Circus (dance, juggling and acrobatics) as a tool of expression.

Company: The Funes Troup (Spain – Vizcaya)

Official Program

Space: Plaza Ayuntamient...


Super Harte / FITEC 2018

How can you avoid having fear paralyze you, when you are little and everyone tells you that you can not? The key is in SUPERHARTE. A show with a message of empowerment for adults, children and especially girls: overcome fear and be able to do what you want. It includes acrobatics, dances and the spectacular end of the giant balloon.

Company: Patty Diphussa (Spain – A Coruña).



Wooow / Street Artists Aranda 2018

A tremendous boy will try to turn what passes in front of him. Emotion, energy, circus, magic, humor and excellence. A Tribute to the game and the love. Come and see….

Company: Nando Caneca (Spain – Madrid).

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