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Wooow / Street Artists Aranda 2018

A tremendous boy will try to turn what passes in front of him. Emotion, energy, circus, magic, humor and excellence. A Tribute to the game and the love. Come and see….

Company: Nando Caneca (Spain – Madrid).

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Patty Diphussa, Hartista Contenporánea / Street Artists Aranda 2018

It is a comedy show which includes skills such as balloon twisting, chemical magic, acrobatics, music and now… tap dancing! It is a show full of energy and good vibrations. The search for a particular artist looking for the Total Artwork in an increasingly frantic and craziest race. Getting stronger, higher and higher, until reaching the Grand Final: make a box, upside down, two meters high and with the mouth.

Company: Patty Diphussa (Spain – La Coruna).

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The rise of the full moon / FITEC 2017

Fekat Circus / The Rise of the Full Moon (Poster)We are all different and we have our shortcomings but we all need each other, for Fekat Circus this is reflected in the moments of sharing the food. Culturally the most important moment of the day is when you sit on the floor and with your hands you eat the giblet and offer to others, a sign of fraternity. A show full of humor and rhythm, but above all strength. A show that does not leave anyone indifferent, the pure essence of the African continent.

Company: Fekat Circus (Ethiopia).



¡Vaya Circo! / FITEC 2017

EN - Kanbahiota Trup / Vaya Circo¡Vaya Circo! is a spectacle for all audiences in which two characters see the tranquility of their lives altered, in an old and neglected circus, by the arrival of an artist with airs of grandeur ready to carry out a show full of humor and emotion. Unintentionally they will unite with a single purpose, to carry out the function. Improvised artists that will make us laugh and enjoy all the charm of the circus, with Korean poses, acrobatics, trapeze, cyr ring and many more surprises that will make us enjoy and thrill… with ¡Vaya Circo!

Company: Kanbahiota Trup (Spain – Madrid).

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Gala de Circo / FITEC 2016

EN - Carampa / Gala CircoA fabulous circus where the hand of a master of ceremonies, we can enjoy various related Circus School in Madrid artists. Pellets, Juggling, Acrobatic Portes, Music, Acrobatics, balancing on chair, Air… virtuoso technique seasoned with humor.

Company: Escuela de Circo Carampa (Spain – Madrid).

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