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The Show Must Go On! / FITEC 2019

With an innocent, sometimes eccentric sense of humor… and an almost total absence of the sense of ridicule… Thelmo connects with the viewer in a natural, sincere, nude way, unpretentious… Transforming his sophisticated but almost awkward appearance into a more athletic but misaligned, almost ridiculous… Taking off his pasta glasses and changing his suit and tie for his lycra mesh and superhero cape.

Company: Thelmo Parole (Spain/England)

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Ray Hada Disociada / FITEC 2019

Ray Hada Disociada wants to play a song, but the mess of all the objects in the scenic space will lead him to become stupid and feel unable to accomplish his goal… at first. Because many times in despair you can find the true hope of a dream. And it will be this premise that will lead Ray to manage them with his various circus skills, mixing them with each other and managing to surprise himself and everyone who observes her.

Company: Ido Lo cA (Spain – Navarra)

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Rogelio, un payaso en recuperación / FITEC 2019

Rogelio has been locked in his house for 20 years. In high school he was bullied. After reading Paulo Coelho and following a 12-step therapy, he is on the last step. Step number 12: do what you like most in public, magic. If everything goes well today, you are discharged and tomorrow you will have the most important appointment of your life. That is cured with the help of the public.

Company: asSircópatas (Spain – A Coruña)



Escuela de Baile Billy Elliot / FITEC 2019

More than 30 years have passed since Billy Elliot appeared on the big screen, where he ended up entering a Dance school in London, but it is unknown what happened to him afterwards. The movie ends, but the characters’ life continues, how did Billy Elliot treat life in the future? In “Billy Elliot Dance School” we will see Billy today, running his itinerant school together with his faithful assistant Magui. They travel the world in search of a patron who helps them buy the Royal Academy of Dance in London from where Billy was expelled. But is he the winner we all expected? Are your methods the most orthodox?

Company: Niumpaloal’Arte (Spain – Granada)

Official Program

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El Misterio del Interior / FITEC 2019

(… Or maybe we should say The Ministry of the Interior?? …) Mr Spark has to work like every day in his office, but that day and he doesn’t know why, he has a huge circle of people watching him. Mr Spark already has a series of defects that prevent him from doing his job effectively, but this time with the presence of the public, this work day, which is going to be the last one, will become, at least, In a fabulous street show.

Company: Mr Spark (France/Spain)

Official Program