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The Show Must Go On! / Street Artists Aranda 2018

A very intense and delicate work, focused on the interaction with the public, with disciplines such as the manipulation of objects, the pantomime or the balances that Thelmo uses as a tool to improvise situations, create games, share moments, project emotions… Getting as it turns out to be an exciting, dynamic and fun show… With an innocent, sometimes eccentric sense of humor… and an almost total absence of the sense of ridicule… Thelmo connects with the viewer in a natural, sincere, nude way , unpretentious… Transforming his sophisticated but almost awkward appearance into a more athletic but misaligned, almost ridiculous…. Taking off his pasta glasses and changing his suit and tie for his lycra mesh and superhero cape.

Company: Thelmo Parole (Spain – Madrid).

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Cuentos del final de un verano / Street Artists Aranda 2018

Two Stories… Two Dreams… Stories!… Dreams!… Stories as dreams and dreams as stories… Stories to awaken the marmot and the moles and stories to sleep the owl and the owl. Stories for children and girls… For the gossips and the old ones. Tales of water and fire. We carry in this bag, all kinds of stories… Stories translated into a universal, theatrical and poetic language… dramatic form and movement. We bring these pixies with a bag full of stories….

Company: Teatro Destellos (Spain – Madrid).

Street Artists Meeting Aranda de Duero 2018

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Agridulce / Street Artists Aranda 2018

A thrilling adventure with two hilarious characters, told through several interwoven stories relentlessly that do not let you blink. They use the Breakdancing, comedy, theater and pantomime as scenic languages, and they engage the audience into the story.

Company: Umami (Spain / France).



El Gran Braulio / Street Artists Aranda 2018

Braulio is the best magician in the world or at least that is what he believes, but… who are we to make him know the truth? This is much more fun, and if he knew about the ridicule he is doing, he would not behave as he is. A clumsy magician and so clueless that he is not aware that his tricks happen to him by chance. Now this eccentric character comes to our city to show his “great” show, but… will he be so lucky this time? Come and discover it!

Company: Adrián Conde (Spain – Asturias).

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Wooow / Street Artists Aranda 2018

A tremendous boy will try to turn what passes in front of him. Emotion, energy, circus, magic, humor and excellence. A Tribute to the game and the love. Come and see….

Company: Nando Caneca (Spain – Madrid).

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