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Participatory Games / FITEC 2015

Sun and Earth / Participatory GamesPlayground with a common denominator: The important thing is not winning, is participating for the little ones enjoy entertainment on the streets of their city and share values of sharing and helping.

Organizatión: Sol y Tierra (Spain – Madrid).



Children’s Theatre Workshops / FITEC 2015

Piruleta / Children’s Theatre WorkshopsVarious workshops related to the world of theater and circus aimed at children that also the little ones enjoy entertainment on the streets of their city, and make contact with the exciting world of the performing arts.

Organizatión: Piruleta (Spain – Madrid).

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Children workshops and facepainting / FITEC 2015

Animation workshops and playgrounds and makeup so that the little ones enjoy entertainment on the streets of their city.

Organizatión: A.VV. Nuber (Spain – Madrid).



La palabra es un arma / FITEC 2015

Coolturearte / The word is a weaponParticipatory activity in which the use of technology “Stencil”, with her different exhibitions will be held in approved places, which could go visiting in turn shows.

Organization: Coolturearte (Spain – Madrid).

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Art-FITEC. Crafts Market / FITEC 2015

ART-FITEC. Traditionally, a space dedicated FITEC artisans creators of itinerant life, are small companies, freelancers, artists… and it is in places like the Festival, where they generate their economy. The Art-FITEC is colorful frame the streets of our city an interesting meeting of artisans and creators of illusions, a different show of shapes, textures and curiosities. We marvel increasingly showing us their work and their mastery of raw materials, which it is impossible for us to think. In addition to mingle Hostelry and Food stops that will frame this market making “A Feast of the Senses”.

Company: Teatro Destellos – Balconet – Ayuntamiento de Getafe.

Art-FITEC Program

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