Star FITEC 2019 – XXII edition

Opening Borders…

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”… Christopher Columbus

Tolili says…

After reading an article in which it was said that: “the first round the world is perhaps the greatest maritime adventure of all time, a technical and human feat whose drama exceeds the limits of the imagination”, I began to reflect on the place where we stand every day, as men and women, involved in this world in which we live, and how responsible we are for our successes and mistakes, the feat of those, invites us to consider what we want and how much we are willing to leave our comfort zone, to change what we don’t like.

And just like Victoria nao, it unites the great oceans of the earth; and definitively closes the image and dimensions of the world and man becomes real aware of the planet in which he lives, where from then on, the borders would already be others, so we must also propose to perform these feats differently…

The search for forming a FITEC is born, whose limits expand to different locations in a need to bring, to the greatest amount of public, our know-how…

He kept reading that: “The first trip around the world is the symbol of an era in which the will, the audacity and the desire to know of man are imposed on fear and the unknown, but it is also a symbol of the attitude of the man of every time, facing the challenges of exploration”.

We want to infect and spread this spirit to walk together along this new path…

In short, we take that first round the world as a metaphor for all those ideas, to go one step further, in the challenges of man… so we dare to start walking… do you accompany us?

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Rogelio, un payaso en recuperación / FITEC 2019

Rogelio has been locked in his house for 20 years. In high school he was bullied. After reading Paulo Coelho and following a 12-step therapy, he is on the last step. Step number 12: do what you like most in public, magic. If everything goes well today, you are discharged and tomorrow you will have the most important appointment of your life. That is cured with the help of the public.

Company: asSircópatas (Spain – A Coruña)



Yeonmi Park / FITEC 2019

This piece shows the emotions of sadness, anxiety and oppression that this woman suffered when she escaped from North Korea in the 90s, crossing the Gobi desert and hiding in rural China. Based on real facts.

Company: Zuk Dance Company (Spain – Madrid)



Escuela de Baile Billy Elliot / FITEC 2019

More than 30 years have passed since Billy Elliot appeared on the big screen, where he ended up entering a Dance school in London, but it is unknown what happened to him afterwards. The movie ends, but the characters’ life continues, how did Billy Elliot treat life in the future? In “Billy Elliot Dance School” we will see Billy today, running his itinerant school together with his faithful assistant Magui. They travel the world in search of a patron who helps them buy the Royal Academy of Dance in London from where Billy was expelled. But is he the winner we all expected? Are your methods the most orthodox?

Company: Niumpaloal’Arte (Spain – Granada)

Official Program

Space: Plaza...


Los Primeros Burritos / FITEC 2019

Dorian, a young “donkey” who lives life with immense curiosity and innocence. Pep, a lion that is hunted and put in a circus cage. Neither was able to imagine what was going to happen. One day humans arrive, donkeys and the lion change their lives forever.

Company: Xarop Teatre (Spain – Castellón)

Official Program