Human Statues Meeting / Templo de Debod (Madrid)

Summed in their enigmatic stillness, they are a fashionable phenomenon in many cities of the world, causing a sense of mystery, alien to the movement of the street, seemingly absent from reality. On Sunday December 15 you can find them in the Temple of Debod of Madrid… Do not forget that if they are of your pleasure, thank your contribution of some coins with a slight sneak.



Star FITEC 2019 – XXII edition

Opening Borders…

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”… Christopher Columbus

Tolili says…

After reading an article in which it was said that: “the first round the world is perhaps the greatest maritime adventure of all time, a technical and human feat whose drama exceeds the limits of the imagination”, I began to reflect on the place where we stand every day, as men and women, involved in this world in which we live, and how responsible we are for our successes and mistakes, the feat of those, invites us to consider what we want and how much we are willing to leave our comfort zone, to change what we don’t like.

And just like Victoria nao, it unites the great oceans of the earth; and definitively closes the image and dimensions of the world and man becomes real aware of the planet in which he lives, where from then on, the borders would already be others, so we must also propose to perform these feats differently…

The search for forming a FITEC is born, whose limits expand to different locations in a need to bring, to the greatest amount of public, our know-how…

He kept reading that: “The first trip around the world is the symbol of an era in which the will, the audacity and the desire to know of man are imposed on fear and the unknown, but it is also a symbol of the attitude of the man of every time, facing the challenges of exploration”.

We want to infect and spread this spirit to walk together along this new path…

In short, we take that first round the world as a metaphor for all those ideas, to go one step further, in the challenges of man… so we dare to start walking… do you accompany us?

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Breackfast at tiffany’s / FITEC 2019

Silver-style human statue, which recreates the mythical scene of the film in which its protagonist Holly Goldlightly plays «moon river».

Company: Artes Invisibles Street Art Performance (Spain – Madrid)



¡Qué Circo de Mujer! / FITEC 2019

Ramona de los Santos Presley, of spirit “Crunch” and family “hight” has a clear musical objective, but it seems that time and space are against him so that he does not succeed…

Company: Ido Lo cA (Spain – Navarre)

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The Jornalist / FITEC 2019

Metallic style human statue, recreated by a graphic journalist from the 1930s, who captured the front pages of the newspapers of that time.

Company: Artes Invisibles Street Art Performance (Spain – Madrid)



Flash-mob / FITEC 2019

Participate!… We invite all those who want to participate in the flash-mob organized by the Municipal Dance School Isaac Albéniz de Parla, to learn the choreography you just have to get into the Facebook profile of the Isaac Dance School Albéniz or directly on this YouTube link. Come and dance with us

Entity: Escuela Mpal. Danza Isaac Albeniz (Spain – Madrid)

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El Típico Malabarista / FITEC 2019

“The street is a fantastic place to act, you can achieve unique representations” (Mr. Tartuffo). His street show is a combination of techniques acquired over years of training, such as juggling, balancing, magic and comedy, mixed with improvisation and public intervention.

Company: Mr. Tartuffo (Chile)


El Alienista / FITEC 2019

Bronze-style human statue, which recreates the forensic psychologists of the nineteenth century, the psychiatrists of our era, those who treated the «mentally alienated».

Company: Artes Invisibles Street Art Performance (Spain – Madrid)



La Flapper / FITEC 2019

Gold-style human statue, inspired by women who in the 20s dared to transgress social conventions to achieve rights and freedoms for all.

Company: Artes Invisibles Street Art Performance (Spain – Madrid)



Art-FITEC. Parla Gastronomic Market / FITEC 2019

Tribute 5th Centenary First Terrestrial Circumnavigation

This year 2019 marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of one of the most important events for humanity: The beginning of the trip that would go around the world for the first time in history. Funded by the Spanish Crown and captained by Fernando de Magallanes, and under the command of Juan Sebastián Elcano on his return, he completed the first circumnavigation of the Earth in history.

To commemorate this fact, the traditional Art-FITEC Market, becomes a splendid Renaissance Market that moves the pedestrians and spectators of the FITEC to the time of Juan Sebastián Elcano and Fernando de Magallanes, and of so many anonymous heroes who participated in this deed.

Organize: Destellos de Historia – Eventos Bayarri – Ayuntamiento de Parla

On August 1...